Size - 140 / 120 / 75 mm.
Weight - 1, 0 Kg.
Outside protection surface - IP 54.
Really out alarm level and rely out for second alarm level. The contact of relays are same switching group - ( SPDT ) 5A/ 250V - .

In front of:

Three red lights , signaling of gas.
Green light - normal work.


Time hold group provide temperature stabilizing at initial transformer "Fogaro" by initial switch-on or blocked from electricity shock. In that time the light is off. In that way is provide for right functionality at control equipment. For example : Without reason doesn't have to switch -on the break -down light , alarm signal and light signal , fans and other equipment provide safety.
-orange light - there is electricity.
-button of clearing - by gas , light red is on and system memorize status. The red light is continue on and after restoring of initial condition. The memory is clear off by button "Clear".
The module Main automatic controlling force switch -off or own fender. With error the system give a break-down signal to break-down board as gas alarm level 1 /A1/ The assembly of "Main" is making at outside control zone in room with normal safe region perfectly to see and control the place.

Size: - 89 / 89 / 58 mm.
Weight - 0 , 250 Kg.
Outside protection surface - IP 65.
Class of safety (Ex) ia IIC T5.

The sensor /initial transformer/ is type 813 "Figaro" with average exploitation limit of 9 years is catalytic and change his internal resistance in range of 10 to 1 KO, depending on gas and concentration. The sensor processing analog signal from detector and when the signal reach level work the out give signals to "Main" for first warning level /A1/ and if there is more gas the detector signaling for second alarm level /A2/ - over normal gas environment. The signal is potential 0.
Gas sensors are assembled in explication zone, where it can be gas in place with distance from floor near to 0.25- 0.35 M. Recommended is to be safe from vibration and mechanical damage, fluids a.s.
Undesirability is there is gas with other mixture./litter or other / there is warning of damage of initial transformer "Figaro"813.
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