GD 0101 Gas-detector device type is use for constant signaling of the presence of over concentration level propane-butane in air zones in which there is danger explosion. It can respond of alcohol , acetone, ammoniac and petrol. Use in warehouse , gas-station, gas-main, distribution stations, steamshop, and in other cases which technical process leading with open-air, have heating details or surfaces till temperature of selfignite to use fire gas propane-butane.

The module gas-detector is assemble in explosion-proof regions. If there is availability of fire gas over set front of expolsive concentration, the module Main give alarm signals to break-down board. Signals can use to automatic switch-on or switch-off of lights and sound signals , switch-on of break-down fans, switch-off of all normal electrician users, switch-on of break-down light, stop flow of fire gas with hlp main stopper and other provide conditional requirements from designer. In that way is avoid possibility of explosion and provide safety for health way of work.

The front of concentration capacity of propane-butane in which the device is switch-on are 0% till 5%
Warrantable concentration for signaling which is tune up two alarm levels for gas-detector system is:
-1 alarm level 0.5% C3H8 /5000ppm/ - 10% of UEG (warning)
-2 alarm level 1.0% C3H8 /10000ppm/ - 20% of UEG (front concentration)

Technical parameters of system

Measurement range - till 100% UEG / till 5.0% CH4.
Main error - 6% to measurement value
Level of signaling
- 1 alarm level 0,5% C3H8 /5000ppm/ - 10% from UEG
- 2 alarm level 1,0% C3H8 /10000ppm/ - 20% from UEG
Temperature range
- Warrantable environment temperature by work of sensor from - 10C till +55C
- Warrantable environment temperature by the main - 10C till +45C
- Temperature range of safety and transport : 10C to 45C
Relatively humidity of air 20-95%
Air pressure 100/15% / KN/m2.
The level of dust till 1gr/m3
The speed of flow of the air till 8m/s
Time to start sensors in work condition after switch- on power - 2min
Time to srart working after flatulence -4s
Average operating period of sensor "Figaro" type TGS 813 - 9 years
Guard surface of sensor depend from specificity conditions /air flowing/ 40-60m2
Supply of Main 220V/+10% - 15% / AC; 50Hz
Supply of sensors 8V till 14V DC
Conditions - constant
- Module "Sensor" - 2.2W
- Module "Main" - 6VA with two sensors


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